Caitlin Aarseth: My Freshman Year

Maple Grove ’22

Northern Michigan University ’26

MSV checked in on Caitlin up in Marquette, MI, to see how her first year of college and college swimming went and it sounds like she is thriving!  Like so many other swimmers, Caitlin has had swimming as a central part of her life for as far as she can remember.  It was an easy choice for Caitlin to choose whether to swim in college.  She loves it so much; she can’t imagine not swimming!

Caitlin says there are some similarities between swimming in high school or club and college swimming; the intensity and of workouts and having a routine are comparable, but there are also quite a few differences.  Caitlin has two a day practices all week, which was a change, but once she figured out how to work it into her routine, it was manageable.  Practices are also more event specific, which for Caitlin means her time is spent in the distance group most days.  One challenge she found was she had to find the right balance when it came to nutrition.  Not only did she need to find the time to ensure she ate enough to stay fueled and recover, but she also had to find the right balance of variety and nutrition.  That’s not always easy to do when colleges offer so many food options.

Caitlin has no trouble balancing school, swimming, and a social life.  She often goes to watch other athletic events; hangs out with people she meets from her classes and of course is tight with her teammates.  She also mentioned many of her teammates join other clubs to broaden their social circles.  Her team took their annual training trip to Ft. Myers, Florida where they alternated between killer practices and down time hanging on the beach and relaxing.  The hard workouts were worth escaping the Marquette winter for a couple weeks.

We were so happy to catch up with Caitlin and are thrilled that she is enjoying her first year of college!

Advice for athletes thinking of swimming in college:  Look at all your options and make sure it’s not just where you want to swim, but a school that has the academics you are looking for.  Also, take the time to visit the schools that interest you.  You never really know what they are like until you visit the campus.

Advice for soon-to-be Freshman swimming in college:  Trust the process.  Starting college is full of change, but you will get into a routine and adapt.  Also, don’t forget to enjoy it because it goes by fast!

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