Section 3A Recognition Spotlight – Riley Mckenzie (St. Cloud Apollo)

from Coach Evan Shanley

Riley for the longest time has been our lone diver (although he now has a diving partner beginning the last 2 weeks).  Riley is very positive and loves diving.  He works hard, gives great effort, and cares greatly about his sport. 

He initially begrudgingly swam to appease his coach, but this season has really embraced swimming and has made great strides in the pool as well.  On a team of 12, even the diver has to pitch in and race. 

Riley is a fantastic teammate.  He never has anything negative to say about anyone, and is always supportive of his teammates, and thoughtful. 

Minnesota Swim and Vibe always appreciates a good swiver. We would like to join your coaches in recognizing your love of your sport and your selflessness to help you team by taking on a second sport. Vibe on Riley

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